Electrostatic Cleaning

Residential Sanitizer, Disinfectant, Mold & Mildew, Odor Control, Carpet, Rugs, Walls & Furniture.

In the past, we were given the choice of “green chemistry” that was safe for the people and the planet, but all too often did not work as well against germs as conventional cleaning products. Now, after years of research and new product development that has changed. Vital Oxide was designed around a chemistry that is unique in all of Nature. Effective on a broad-spectrum of viruses, and bacteria, including “super bugs” like MRSA and H1N1. Vital Oxide can be used against the Ebola Virus. Vital Oxide is effective on mold, a broad spectrum of viruses and bacteria including "super bugs" like MRSA and H1N1, while gentle enough to spray on food contact surfaces with no need to rinse after use.

Think Your House is Clean? Think Again


Our new electrostatic sanitation service kills 99.9% of germs and protects the entire home for a minimum of 30 days. Clean up that house before you sell it!

Selling a home to a growing family? With our electrostatic sanitation technology, we can ensure that you will be handing over the keys to a home that is not just clean, but protected from germs & viruses.

You Can't Sell a Dirty House.

You can't sell a home that stinks! Try our electrostatic sanitation technology for 50% off the initial service and you'll smell the difference.



Electrostatic Cleaning

For decades, electrostatic machines have been used to spray industrial parts with paint and agricultural crops with pesticides. Now, we have electrostatic systems designed to clean and protect your home & business from germs with a disinfectant spray like Vital Oxide.

Industrial electrostatic equipment has been successfully sized down into compact, easy-to-use systems for the cleaning industry — think backpacks, handheld units and standalone equipment on rollers. As the disinfectant exits the electrostatic sprayer, it is atomized and gets a positive electrical charge. The charged droplets then travel toward the targeted surface and become attracted to it - they bond.

The electrically charged disinfectant will find a neutral surface to cover and the droplets will repel each other because each droplet has the same charge so when you have a droplet that lands on the surface and another droplet follows behind it, it will look for any surface that hasn’t yet been covered.

The electrostatic spray droplets goes beyond the visible front surfaces to coat the under and backside of hard to see areas. This creates a 360 degree wrap over all surfaces - a massive benefit to the cleaning process.

Our Certified Specialists will quickly and efficiently disinfect and sanitize hard-to-reach surfaces in your home & business. Electrostatic sprayers reduce the amount of time it takes to completely cover & disinfect all surfaces so you don't have to pay a fortune for us to clean and protect your entire home. We are normally in & out before you know it.

Electrostatic Cleaning should never be used as a substitute for manual cleaning. It’s just another method to control infection, odor and ensure proper sanitation. You should continue to use your sprays and wipes for high-touch surfaces and areas that you want to keep disinfected regularly.

Electrostatic Cleaning provides an additional layer of protection with disinfection and that feeling of clean.

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Electrostatic Cleaning Sanitization Germ Free


Often used with biocides and disinfectants to rid germs at food processing plants, cruise ships, airplanes, cargo containers, production agriculture, hospitals, schools, daycare veterinary clinics, homes, and businesses.

Electrostatic Cleaning Odor and Germ Control


Combined with the right chemicals, eliminate germs & odors in cars, gyms, locker rooms, restaurants, dumpsters, and many other applications.

Vital Oxide Memphis Electrostatic Cleaning


We can clean for appearances and we can clean for health. Cleaning for health is the act of cleaning without the dangerous impact of harsh chemicals. Healthy cleaning is as practical to our life style as eating correctly, getting enough sleep, and exercising. Healthy cleaning doesn’t only apply to our homes, but to all places we go. From home to our work place, schools, restaurants, childcare centers, and health care facilities, to name a few. We all want to live in a healthy germ free environment, yet many of the common cleaning and disinfecting products sold today under the guise of creating a healthy environment, contain harmful chemicals strong enough to cause eye, nose, and lung irritation, as well as rashes, headaches, nausea, and asthma.

Vital Oxide kills microbes by chemically altering certain amino acids that contain sulfur. The amino acids are important building blocks in the proteins that help to form cell walls. When these proteins are destroyed, the cell wall ruptures and the organism dies. In the chemical reaction, Vital Oxide takes on an electron from the amino acid and reverts back to a chlorite ion. The amino acid gives up an electron, and giving up an electron is what chemists call oxidation.


Electrostatic sprayers allow our Certified Specialists to apply the spray efficiently, in a controlled manner thereby eliminating the danger of the spray being overused or improperly applied.  And with the Electrostatic Cleaning, there’s no need to mix solutions or pour liquid bleach into the water and hope you get the right concentration. We can also adjust the particle size of the spray to create a fine mist safe for use on electronic equipment such as phones and keyboards.

We don't oversaturate the surface and there is no liquid pooling.

Vital Oxide is EPA registered hospital disinfectant cleaner, mold killer, and odor eliminator. Vital Oxide's formula is non-irritating to the skin. Non-corrosive to most treated articles and NSF certified (No rinse required) for food contact surfaces. Made ready to use, Vital Oxide kills 99.999% of bacteria, including E.coli, Salmonella in less than 60 seconds.

Removing mold and bacteria can involve strong chemicals that may trigger health problems, like chlorine bleach products that produce trihalomethanes (THM) and haloacetic acids (HAAS) which are linked to cancer. Now there's an ecologically sound alternative. Vital Oxide is colorless, odorless - so mild you can wash your hands in it, and will not harm hard or soft surfaces, or colorfast fabrics. Use it on shower curtains, under sinks, in basements and crawl spaces - anywhere mold and bacteria are found.

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